Additional services

After many years in the field of cultural, social, business and educational events we have gained a large amount of experience which we make use of, and offer you a range of additional services.

We are innovative and ahead of the market!
hostesky.cz Ltd. team

Portable Presentation Materials

We would be only too happy to produce your roll banners, banners and promo-stands!

Original outfit designed according to your own specifications

Would you like the hostesses at your event to wear an original outfit designed according to your own specifications? Our designers and dress-makers who we cooperate with will be happy to do everything in their powers to help you.

Branded outfits

Do you need branded outfits or accessories for your hostesses, employees or guests? We would be glad to provide you with suggested designs and produce promotional clothing or sashes with your logo.

Make-up artists and hairstylists

Should you need the hostesses to be professionally made-up and have professional hairstyles, we would be happy to ensure our trusted make-up artists and hairstylists at your service. We can also provide a "make-up corner" for use by your guests at your event.

Body and facepainting

For truly eye-catching hostesses and for an unforgettable night for your guests!

Flowers and flower arrangements

Flower arrangements or flowers for performers and award winners are no problem.

Professional cameraman

If you would like to capture your event on video, our professional cameraman will record and edit the film to your satisfaction.

Professional photographer

We can provide a professional photographer for your event.

Mini TV studio

Your own mini TV studio! Why not collect informal feedback from your guests in an enjoyable way? Our hostesses will conduct improvised interviews and record them on film.

Presenting information on iPad

Be up to date! Instead of paper seating plans or programms let us amaze your guests by presenting this information on our company iPads.

Digital name badges

Make your event more memorable - digital name badges are here!

Printed photos

Treat your guests to a souvenir of your event - our hostesses will take photos and distribute the prints before the event´s end.

Administrative support

Would you like administrative support in preparing your event? Our staff can help with sending invitations, registering attendees and confirming guests - just ask us! We would also be happy to prepare name badges for your guests.

Make your event memorable with a special dance performance!

The choice is yours – from modern to classic dance including salsa and Argentinian tango to go-go dancing and street dance. Our dancers not only show their art, but also bring your party alive or teach your guests the dance essentials.

Recorded or live music

Do you need recorded or live music at your event? Turn to us - we would be happy to recommend a trusted DJ, musician or music group.


We know how important hight quality catering is to the success of every event. Our trusted suppliers will not disappoint!

Wine tasting

Make your event more enjoyable - include a professional wine tasting session for you and your guests!

Branded wafers

A tasty branded gift suitable for all kinds of clients, customers, guests or friends. Our hostesses will prepare it for you right at your event!

Masters of Ceremonies

We would be happy to ensure experienced masters of ceremonies at your service.

Professional guides, interpreters and translators

We would be also happy to provide your guests or clients with professional guides, interpreters and translators.

Security service

If you are afraid of gatecrashers or uninvited guests, we would be happy to provide you with security service for the whole evening.